and what if we're only human once.
~i post concepts and art that i want in my life. pro-feminist' thinking, music, existential ideas. people. tv. architecture. places.
"having no tv we eat shrooms and watch the carpet"~
here is the slow beginning of my art on twitter

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i don’t know if tumblr is prepared for today

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i need an interesting face~

anyone has a person for me to paint?

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I want to be around people that do things. I don’t want to be around people anymore that judge or talk about what people do. I want to be around people that dream and support and do things. - Amy Poehler (via wordsthat-speak)

(via flava2000)

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Anonymous: where have you been, what did ou see yoo ? :)

i was in sweden and denmark!
(and many of their cities)

i saw simple but clever buildings,


i saw happy people and drew them (consider swedish boys on swedish bikes.) (or swedish boys buying aubergines and potatoes.) i also met weird people, mostly in copenhagen. and rabbits in swedish parks.

drunk coffee at the cementery, it was a good place for a cup; …

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i’m baaackkk

i saw the wooorllddd

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I was so shocked and devastated when I heard about this tragedy. There were almost 300 of people! And 80 of them were children! This is so fucking cruel and unfair!! This changes absolutely nothing, but my thoughts are with the families of victims…

Living at the battlefield makes you get used to…

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my head is a silent place, in which i never take long walks, to not get lost. there is an empty coast, an armchair in the middle, and the surrounding fog. i never sit on the armchair, but i observe it. eventually, some day, i will encourage myself to sit. just not now. i often invite people to my head, but they never stay long. so i go there only with their shadows, who, despite being a shadow, feel really uncomfortable with the milky fog.
they leave to their heads, and i sit still, observing the sea, my promise of eternity.

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a Hello to all the new people here:)
as for now i don’t have time to welcome you in a more generous way, but i promise to you to post more often when i’m done with my travels;)

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